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May 23, 2015

Positive Lancaster:

  • Sat June 6th – TCL birthday Party – ALL WELCOME !!!

    Transition City Lancaster is inviting everyone to share in their 5th anniversary celebration.   Saturday, June 6th at the Gregson. You are welcome to gather and order food  from 6pm  onwards . . . . . we are inviting anyone who wants to have a slot for entertaining such as tell a story or a joke, play or sing some music, read a poem or something they have written, anything really.  Please book with Then between 7-7:30 there will be a brief slide presentation about what has been happening in Transition City Lancaster and what is coming up.  7:30 to 8PM we are…

  • DyingMatters

    Transition Cafe – Dying Matters

    The Transition Café Series Presents… Dying Matters Engaging individuals to consider alternatives to traditional funerals Friends Meeting House, Lancaster 13th May 2015  1.30pm  to 3.30pm  Introductory presentation,  film and discussion.  Refreshments provided Charge- £2 Faced with the sudden death of a loved one it might be difficult to plan for the type of funeral you might like them to have if they have not already expressed their wishes.  It might be that you wish to consider alternatives to what might be termed a ‘traditional’ funeral for yourself and to express these wishes for the future.Traditional funerals often involve embalming and crematoriums,…

  • LivingWage

    A Living Wage

      Walking around Lancaster in the rain today I walked into a group of protesters. Although I don’t really think that protest covers what they were doing. A group of damp but cheerful people from the Lancaster Friends group were working hard in the  grey rain to raise awareness of the number of local companies in Lancaster who do not pay a living wage. From their flyer the following companies do not have accreditation as “Living Wage Employers”: ASDA, Argos, B&Q, The Co-op, Boots, Morrisons, Marks and Spencer, Next, Primark, Sainsburys and Tesco. The following are Accredited Living Wage Employers:…

  • Volunteers-1

    Volunteer Needed for TCL

    Volunteer help is required urgently – a couple of hours per week helping to keep a record of TCL’s financial transactions. A methodical person is required to work from home. Please contact if you wish to be considered.

  • transition-streets1

    The Regent Street Community

    It seems we in Regent have something of a reputation. Twice recently, once from a Council employee and once from a friend who had heard it from an estate agent, Regent Street is known for being a ‘great community’. It is certainly a diverse community with people of all ages and background. Some of us have lived here for a long time and others have come recently, and some own their homes and others rent them, but we do get along well. It all started for me when some of us began the process of making Lancaster into a Transition…

The Wider Transition

Transition Streets

Oct 13, 2014

Transition Streets is a community-building and neighbourhood carbon-reduction project. Neighbours help each other achieve cost savings, energy reduction, water saving, waste reduction and more! Reduce carbon and build community on your street today! Although this video is made in the USA the project was started in Totnes and many towns and cities in the UK are working on their own version of this idea. Please add a comment if you would like to help start up something in your street.

Reconomy Project

Oct 13, 2014

As we work to transition our world, a huge challenge lies in our ability to power the good work necessary to build a better future. We used to live in a world where money was the thing that enabled things to happen. But with money becoming more and more scarce, success will only come if we develop a myriad of alternative economies to empower our work. The good news is that Transition Lab has figured out all sorts of new ways to create affordable housing, feed our community, and even run a school with a minimum amount of money. (For…

The Big Picture

Fracking decisions at Preston June 23/24/25/26

Lancashire County Council will meet to decide on Caudrilla’s two fracking applications on June 23/24/25 and 26th at County Hall in Preston.   Tell your friends!  


UK Parliament to Debate Money Creation for first time in 170 years

Parliament will hold a three hour debate on the issue of ‘Money Creation and Society’ on Thursday 20th November.     This will be the first time in 170 years that Parliament has debated money creation. The Money Creation and Society debate is being hosted by Steve Baker (Conservative), Caroline Lucas (Green), Michael Meacher (Labour), Douglas Carswell (UKIP), and David Davis (Conservative). The backbench debate in the Main Chamber of Parliament creates an opportunity for MPs from all parties to learn about the issue, ask questions and deepen their understanding. As the results of a recent poll show, most MPs lack…

Ford C Max Energi

Peak Oil is coming so why is this good news?

For decades there have been predictions of peak oil and the disastrous consequences it will have on society. As the theory goes, eventually the world’s oil reservoirs will run out of oil, driving us to more expensive reservoirs and higher oil prices until there’s not enough cheap oil to serve the world’s energy needs. Essentially, there will be a peak in cheap oil supply. Those who fear peak oil also often think there will be a cascade of economic disasters as a result of this peak in cheap oil supply. Today, there is emerging evidence that a peak is on the…


Global Warming continues in Atlantic

New research is now suggesting that the heat that is being trapped by atmospheric greenhouse gases is getting buried in the Atlantic. Temperatures at the Earth’s surface aren’t rising as fast as they did in the 1990s, even though the amount of heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere continues to increase steadily. This apparent hiatus in global warming has been fodder for skeptics—but among climate scientists, it has sparked a search for the “sink” that is storing all the missing atmospheric heat. Locating that sink matters, because it could tell researchers how long our current hiatus might last, says Ka-Kit…