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July 21, 2018

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Local Group to Set up New Lancaster Pound

Anyone visiting Liverpool these days (2018) is recommended to download the Colu App before they go. They will then be able to get a free £5 in Liverpool only local currency to spend with a growing number of local independent businesses in the city. You can also top this up with additional value by connecting to your debit or credit card and converting funds to it.

Why should you bother? Why not just use your debit card or credit card to pay directly at these local businesses?

Several reasons come to mind. Firstly, the app easily shows you where independent rather than franchised or corporate owned businesses are located. Your phone knows where you are in Liverpool and shows you the nearest businesses that will take Liverpool pounds.

When you are in the shop or cafe or other type of business premises you can then easily pay them using your phone just by entering the amount you wish to spend with them. This is immediately passed to their Colu account in a secure way without a transaction fee (unlike with credit or debit cards which may charge the business between 2.5 – 4% for each transaction).

The Liverpool Pounds can then be spent by this local business with any other local business in the same way with no transaction charge. If it needs to convert it to cash a 1.5% transaction charge will be levied to do so. This is still cheaper than using credit cards, debit cards or paying in cheques into their account. Only cash is cheaper for local businesses and increasingly more and more people are using payment cards rather than carrying around cash.

So why should you bother?

  1. You get £5 for nothing when you first join.
  2. You can choose to support local independent businesses in the area.
  3. You can easily pay them without carrying round loads of cash and change.
  4. Local Money Loops are created to keep money circulating in the local economy.
  5. Costs of doing business are reduced for local independent businesses.
  6. It’s fun and digital money is definitely where it’s at in 2018.

Transition City Lancaster have been in contact with Colu and they are planning a major update to their system which will make this way of local trading even more stimulating to local economies. Colu are keen to work with us to make Lancaster the first city to try it out – possibly as soon as March 2018!

So far only 4 cities in the world were allowed to try out the initial phase test system so for Lancaster to be the first with the new super version will be a real trailblazer!

If anyone is interested in helping this project get off the ground please email 


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