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September 18, 2018

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Local Group to Help Raise Funds for Zero Carbon Projects using Cryptocurrency -

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Local Group to Help Raise Funds for Zero Carbon Projects using Cryptocurrency

On Tuesday, 14th September at Halton Mill a number of local people gathered together to hear a talk from Paul Allen from the Centre of Alternative Technology near Aberystwyth. The talk was focussed on Zero Carbon Britain and showed us all how it is completely within the realms of possibility that we can attain zero carbon emissions here in the British Isles by 2030. If you didn’t make it to the talk you can download the full report from their website at

As a result of this meeting several local projects were initiated to act towards making Lancaster and Morecambe Zero Carbon by 2030. One of these was a group to help raise funds for these projects using a cryptocurrency called CoinMD.

During September 2018, CoinMD is offering 25,000 coins to everyone who signs up for a free account at At present these coins are valued at £0.0004 so these coins are worth £10 but as with all cryptocurrencies, as time goes by the value usually goes up. If you were to have bought Bitcoins a year after they first came out you would have paid just £0.0002 per coin and now they have risen to £4930.58 today.

The free membership is valid for 1 year so we all have plenty of time to hang on to our coins until the initial projects are ready to need an injection of cash to get them started, at which time we all pool our resources and exchange the coins back into cash to fund them.

If we were to get 50 people this month signed up with a free account and the currency just doubles in value, which is highly likely to happen within the next 6 months, then we will have £1000.

If each of those 50 people ask their friends and relatives to open a free account the 50 people will get another 25,000 coins in their wallet. So if each person manages to just get 5 people each we will then have accumulated a total amount of £6,000 plus another £1000 from the original signups in the host account making £7000 in all. This is a conservative estimate of what this group could achieve with no expenditure and with just a few phone calls to their friends. In the longer term we see the group being able to make use of this cryptocurrency to build a better future for all of us. Please do consider this and do not dismiss it with that instant reaction we all get to something new and sounding too good to be true. It is a bona fide plan and is worthy of your attention.

If anyone is interested in helping this project by spending just 20 minutes of your time on a phone call  to help you sign up then please email 


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