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January 21, 2019

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Potato Day 2019 -

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Fracking in Lancashire – is it safe? -

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Where can I Charge my Electric Car in Lancaster? -

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Dynamo Cycle Campaign -

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Potato Day 28 Jan POSTER -

Saturday, January 7, 2017

New Year’s Day walk -

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Potato Day Sat 28 Jan 2017 -

Monday, November 28, 2016

Sewing Cafe Saturday 27th November -

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

  • Potato Day 2019

    Now a tradition in Lancaster – always the last saturday in January – so the next one is Jan 26th 2019.     There will be a huge variety of organic seed potatoes to choose from, great food and great people.  Stalls, info and free entry.   11am to 3pm at Friends Meeting House next to the train station.

  • Fracking in Lancashire – is it safe?

    Readers will be aware of the expansion of fracking in our county. In addition to the Preston New Road fracking site, which began work in January 2017, there are several other localities within Lancashire covered by oil and gas exploration permits. These in include Roseacre Wood, Halsall and Lancaster. Exactly what happens when fracking is done? Can public health be properly safeguarded? Is the quality of air and water adequately monitored and regulated? Mike Hill C Eng, MIET, has more than 20 years’ experience of the oil and gas industry. Mike will focus upon issues of regulation, monitoring and public…

  • Where can I Charge my Electric Car in Lancaster?

    The Launch Event for the Charge My Street Share Offer WHERE: Inside Ashton Memorial Building, Williamson Park WHEN : Saturday 24th Feb 11:30am – 1:30pm BOOKING : Free but limited to 40 places Visit to register Leading the Charge for a cleaner, greener Lancaster in 2018. Charge my Street is a new social enterpise bringing community owned Electric Vehicle Charging points to neighbourhoods in Lancaster and Cumbria in 2018. The launch event will explain more about our plans and how you can invest in a local charging point for your area. If you would like to drive an electric…

  • Dynamo Cycle Campaign

    Lancaster’s Cycle Campaign, Dynamo, has been campaigning for safety improvements on the A6 for several years, which stepped up in December 2014 when they wrote to Lancashire Council Council about the awful accident statistics and demanded action. They then worked up a list of improvements in April 2015, together with the Council’s Road Safety Manager. The significant improvements needed relate to the junctions where accidents have occurred, as well as minor lining and signing updates. In all of this time, the Council has managed only the lining and signing and has even back tracked on promises to complete the work….


Solar PV should be on all New Build Houses in the UK

If you agree with this statement here is an opportunity for you to sign a petition that will force the government to look at making this law in the UK. All we need is 100,000 signatures to force a debate. Just click here to sign

Modern Monetary Theory – is it achievable in practice?

At last night’s network meeting we were treated to a fabulous vision of how the UK economy could work to provide a Job Guarantee if only those in power understood Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). Alan Hutchison has taken a keen interest in MMT for years, even though, he says, he is just an ordinary bloke in the street. So there is hope for all of us to gain understanding – particularly when Alan gave us a take home version of his talk at the end of the evening with references included (see download at the end of this post). It…

A Pecking Order for Carbon Footprint to Keep with your Shopping List?

A new study has been made at Lancaster University by Dr. Stephen Clune that has led to a comprehensive list of food ingredients being ordered according to their carbon footprint. Through his work with catering firms, nursing homes and hospitals, Dr. Clune is helping them to plan for more sustainable menus in the local area. Working with colleagues in the University of Melbourne, Dr. Clune has identified a definite trend towards supporting vegan and vegetarian diets with fish, lamb, pork and beef following on behind. Here is a sample from the list taken from the Lancaster University website which shows the…

It Doesn’t Have to Be Like it Always Has Been

We spend most of our life living according to the social structures that were laid down long ago in the past and, though we might moan about them and find ourselves crying alone in the dark trying to cope with them, we don’t know how to do any different. It all seems so much beyond our control. Take money as an example. It’s just one of many social structures that we take part in every day and it can seem like we have no choice but to do so. But is that really the case? The money social structure that…