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Dynamo Cycle Campaign

Lancaster’s Cycle Campaign, Dynamo, has been campaigning for safety improvements on the A6 for several years, which stepped up in December 2014 when they wrote to Lancashire Council Council about the awful accident statistics and demanded action. They then worked up a list of improvements in April 2015, together with the Council’s Road Safety Manager. The significant improvements needed relate to the junctions where accidents have occurred, as well as minor lining and signing updates. In all of this time, the Council has managed only the lining and signing and has even back tracked on promises to complete the work.

In order to show the level of public support for County to implement these A6 safety measures in full and urgently, they have launched an official e-petition on the County’s website which will run until 7th March 2017. Please do go online and have a read and see if you can support this campaign, it can be found at

Please don’t be put off by the need to register on the e-petition site, it only takes one minute to do. Please also share as widely as you can with cycling groups, cyclists, parents who want to keep their children safe, and anybody else who cares about the safety of vulnerable road users.


Dynamo Cycle Campaign was established in 1994, to work with official bodies, other cycling organisations and interested individuals to promote cycling as a safe, enjoyable and healthy means of transport.

Dynamo’s vision

We have a vision of Lancaster district as a friendlier and healthier place where most local journeys are made by bike and on foot; cycling and walking are prioritised, road users show each other care and respect, and excellent infrastructure helps people of all ages to travel easily, safely and sustainably.

Specifically, we aim for:

    More journeys being taken by bike; others are encouraged to cycle, so cycling becomes a normal choice.

   Road users obeying traffic laws, including speed limits.

    Council officers and councillors facilitating safe local travel by foot and by bike when making planning decisions.

    Road design minimising conflict between motorised vehicles, cyclists and walkers: journeys feel safer and are safer.

    The council providing an expanded network of cycle routes and links between them.

Dynamo committee meets once a month.  For more information see their website at

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