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December 13, 2018

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Electric Dreams?

Have you thought about getting yourself an electric bike yet? I noticed when I went past Leisure Lakes bikes in Penny Street the other day that they are offering test rides to try out their latest electric bike offerings. Tempting offer – but then I looked closer in their window and prices seem to be around the £3000 – £4000 mark. What! I thought to myself – for a bike!

It seems that eco-bikes are being aimed at the well to do.

On the other hand, the Chinese are steaming ahead with electric transport for those who need to get to work as cheaply as possible. Take a look at this video of the latest fold-away electric motor bike called the Pantera. You can put it in the boot of your car to travel long distances or take it with you by rail. ( Wonder if you’d get it on a bus as luggage!) Then when you’ve arrived you can get up to 50 km at a top speed of 45 km per hour without a recharge.

For Lancaster hills and popping up to the Uni I can see the Pantera being the ideal runaround. I could fold it away and put it neatly in my shed when I wasn’t using it and then beat all the traffic by taking all the short cuts and back streets when I needed to get around Lancaster and Morecambe.

Selling price? If a few of us get together and order a container load direct from China I reckon we could get them for around £300 – £400 each. In Europe they are selling in the shops for around E1350 so these are giving far more value than the e-bikes I’ve seem around town.

Anyone else up for it? Just send in a message on contact us using the keywords PANTERA E-BIKE to start the ball rolling. We could even start an ELECTRIC BIKE SHARE club so that we could leave Pantera’s up at the Universities for students to take home with them and then bring back whenever they are next coming. If we had enough around town we could drop them off and pick them up whenever we fancied a turn. Anyone else keen to start a new project?

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