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December 13, 2018

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Steering Group

The Steering Group for Transition City Lancaster comprises representatives from each of the Special Interest Transition Groups. One person from each group is proposed and seconded at the TCL AGM by members of that group. Other members of the Steering Group can be elected by the general members of TCL in order to carry out particular functions e.g Finances, Communications etc.

As all members of TCL are volunteers the member of the Steering Group also carry out their duties completely voluntarily.

Core activities for TCL are carried out by the Steering Group. These are :-

  • Obtaining and maintaining a bank account
  • Complying with legal obligations for a volunteer non-profit based organisation
  • Providing insurance to protect volunteers and attenders of Transition Events
  • Paying for events and collecting donations
  • Applying for funding to support projects and activities
  • Advertising and promotion of TCL and its events
  • Online activities such as maintaining a website and social media pages

As well as core activities the Steering Group is responsible for assisting Transition Groups and supporting their projects, co-ordinating activities between groups and supporting applications for funding by those groups.

Each representative elected by their group also carries the responsibility to communicate between their group and Steering Group on the needs of their group. Also they should feedback to their group the decisions made at Steering Group meetings if they are relevant to their group.

Minutes of Steering Group meetings should be made available to anyone who wishes to see them.

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