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December 13, 2018

Local Transition:

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

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Monday, November 28, 2016

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

TCL Projects and Groups

When TCL was formed, back in the noughties, a lot of us felt the need to talk and meet with others on a regular basis for discussion. Groups were formed that met in group members’ houses and were loosely formed around subjects like “Food and Growing”, “Energy” and “Transport”. These groups allowed members to inform each other and piece together their collective, growing understanding within these broad areas.

What then began to emerge out of these groups were projects. Instead of just talking and discussing there was a movement towards action. Many of the project ideas that emerged out of TCL groups, including the Network group that met once a month to bring everyone involved in TCL together, have since become local organisations with their own members, their own website and their own way of doing things.

This has meant that the movement towards sustainability and resilience, or “transitioning”, has become much wider and more embedded into the regular way of life of many more people than those who are members of Transition City Lancaster. This process has been quite natural, organic and evolutionary, which is only to be expected.

Our website, therefore, is evolving to reflect this broader movement in Lancaster. Events that we promote here are no longer just organized by the core TCL members, although it must be said that core TCL members are also involved in helping to organize other organisations as well! The point is that we no longer need to differentiate between what is being done by TCL and what is being done by other organisations who also are working to change Lancaster to become more sustainable and more resilient.

Of course, there is still much need for meeting together, keeping each other informed about best practices and new developments, and generally bonding with each other through discussions. Therefore you will find on here regular meetings. For example the dialogue group known as “The Heart of Transition” meets once a month on a Sunday evening, so you may wish to join them to air your views and listen to those of other attendees. Our “Food and Growing” group also meets monthly and is responsible for founding and running with various projects associated with growing food locally and helping local producers find a market with people locally.

Please also discover pages and articles on our website about our “Sewing Cafe”, our “Transition Approaches to Death & Dying Group”, our “Health & Well-Being Group”, our “Swapshop Project”  and our “Film Festival”. No doubt others will arise and some of these may develop into something else in due course. This is the very nature of being alive and working to bring change!




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